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Please join me in making the following assumptions:
The fruits and vegetables you wish to juice are your thoughts.
The juice you wish to drink is the results you want in your life.
The fresh fruits and vegetables are positive thoughts.
The rotten fruits and vegetables are negative thoughts. of universe
The top shoot is the conscious mind.
The blades inside the juicer are the laws of the universe by which our subconscious mind operates.
The electric cord is our connection to God, the universe, and our higher self.
The subconscious mind works like a juicer in many ways.
  Here is how:
The juicer does not care what you press in to it. It will juice any fruit or vegetable that you insert in it. Likewise, the subconscious mind has no ability to reject any information impressed upon it by the conscious mind.
The juicer will give you a flavor of juice based perfectly and strictly on the fruits and vegetables you insert into it. If you insert something sweet, tart, bland, sour, or a combination thereof, it will give you juice that is a perfect product of what you have inserted in to it. Likewise, the subconscious mind gives you results in your life based strictly on the thinking that you enter into it through the conscious mind. It does not care whether the thoughts are positive or negative, happy or sad.
The harder you push down the fruits and vegetables into the top shoot, the faster the juice will come out. Likewise, the more passion and feelings you put into your thoughts, the faster the results will be achieved. Positive or negative, it matters not.
The juicer has no awareness to the fact that it is plugged into the electricity. Likewise, our subconscious mind has no awareness of being plugged to the world of spirit, to the universe, but it is, and this is how it functions.
When juicing, you must determine the flavor you are in a mood for first (sweet, sour, tart, bland), and according to that flavor, you determine the necessary fruits and vegetables to insert into the top shoot. Likewise, in life, we must first determine the results we want and then, using our conscious mind, create the necessary thoughts that will give us those results. The subconscious mind does not care whether those thoughts are true or false. It will respond to whatever you feed it.
No one really cares how the blades inside the juicer work. All we care about is that when inserting fruits and vegetables into the shoot, juice will come out the other end. Likewise, it is not necessary to understand how the subconscious mind works. All we need to know is that our thoughts will determine our results. However, in the same way that the juicer follows certain engineering and laws, so does the subconscious mind. There are laws in the universe that cause our thoughts to become results. If you are of the curious few who have to know how exactly those blades work, then the next three core principles will help you with that process.
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