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Teresa Anger  When I first meet Nader, I was at the lowest point in self esteem that I can ever remember; because of his belief in me, and his coaching I have found the road to the harmony that has taken over my soul. He didn’t do it for me, I did. Nader’s special gift from God is: the coaching; the love he showers on you without saying a word, his confidence is contagious, he always speaks the truth with a open willingness to give away all his knowledge. The kind of person you can trust with your heart, and I do. Thank you for showing me the way from out of my cocoon, and on the road to the beautiful butterfly I have always dreamed to be.

Teresa Anger - FL- Artist, Web & Graphic Designer              
Gabriele Majczuk The first time I was introduced to Nader was through Bob Proctor's daily e-mails "Insight of the Day". Bob Proctor offered a Free Master Mind Group with one of his best coaches. I was intrigued and signed up. In this Master Mind group Nader is leading 10 people including me to an extraordinary life. He is the most passionate, giving, devoted and inspiring person I ever talked to you. He loves to connect people and he feels a strong need to help everybody to achieve their goals and dreams. He has great energy, humor and he has a wealth of information to share with all. I am looking forward on meeting him in person this year together with Bob Proctor.

Gabriele Majczuk  - NJ -         
Cliff Trotter I have been involved in Nader’s Master Mind group in relation to the You Were Born Rich book by Bob Proctor. Nader is very generous with his time and the sharing of his knowledge in the area of Self Development. He sincerely wants people to succeed in their lives. He makes us all feel as if we can take on and achieve any challenging goal we may choose to pursue. I have enjoyed every moment of the Master Mind group and continue to achieve and set goals that will facilitate my growth now and well into the future, Thank you Nader.

Cliff Trotter - Sydney Australia       
Nick Lurowist  Nader is a rare individual who has obtained true insight into the important aspects of life.  He is warm, compassionate, and knowing.  Since he became a friend and colleague I have expanded my interests into many areas of life that I had either neglected or been unaware of.  Nader is full of positive energy and he shares his talents with boundless generosity.  I am honored by his friendship and awed by his capacity.

Nick Lurowist
Sanjiv Goyal  “Nader is one of the most amazing mentor and person, I have ever met. He is truly interested in you not just his gains. He mentored our team on Master mind series. Our biggest challenge was geographically disperse global team. Nader has conducted session through webinars. We never really felt that we are not with him at this very moment. He challenged us, motivated us. I don’t know anyone else can achieve better results than him. I highly recommend him to anyone. Our team loves the format and delivery methodology. We have very ambitious plans, I’m sure under Nader’s mentorship; we will achieve all our targets.”

Sanjiv Goyal
January 5, 2010. Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity. hired Nader as a Personal Trainer in 2009, and has hired Nader more than once.
Eddie Velez  “Nader is the consummate professional. His attention to detail and dedication to the mission makes him an asset to anyone or any company. I highly recommend him and his services.

Eddie Velez”
December 24, 2009. Eddie Velez, Proprietor, Success By Design, worked directly with Nader at Success By Design
Ellie Smith “Nader is an excellent manager with integrity and wisdom. It has been a pleasure working with Nader.”

December 24, 2009,
Ellie Smith, Regional Sales Manager Southeast, ADVA Optical Networking worked directly with Nader at Success By Design   
Rosa Akhtarkhavari  “I had the honor and pleasure of interacting with Nader in business and non business for a few years and was always amazed with his ability to handle difficult situations while putting people at ease. His passion for his work, and for connecting people and information is evident when you first meet him. Nader always loves to discuss new concepts and encourages everyone to express themselves as freely as he does.”

January 27, 2010.
Rosa Akhtarkhavari, Chief Security Officer & Deputy Chief Information Officer, City of Orlando, was with another company when working with Nader at The Alaré Group, LLC
Carol Sulaiman  My heart is overflowing with deep gratitude and appreciation for the life I am living today, and at the same time I am well aware this is just the beginning of the most phenomenal life. I thank you, your facilitation, and the Master Mind groups I have the honor of calling my own. Here’s a real quick story. When I logged into my very first Born Rich Master Mind Session, I thought I was ‘tuning’ in to one of the normal type conference calls where I walk around my kitchen and ‘listen in.’ I was so shocked to hear you say, “Hello Carol!”  I had no idea I had attracted this phenomenal experience to me. You are most instrumental in this amazing, and seemingly, lightening-speed progress I have made in just a matter of a few weeks. It’s clear to me your Energy, as a part my Master Mind Group, plays a major part in what is manifesting, even as we speak.  The empowerment I am experiencing is miraculous and I look forward in anticipation as I continue this journey. Because of you and My Master Mind Groups, “I am a force to be reckoned with!”
Honoring our Shared Journey, Carol Sulaiman - Phenomenal Entrepreneur born rich
Lee Januszkiewicz  Nader Ashchi has given me a new and exciting outlook on life. I have participated in four of his life success seminars in the past year and have had personal coaching. Nader has become a very important person in my life; not only as a life success consultant and mentor, but a personal and very close friend that has helped me understand how to be successful. This past year is only the beginning, because the learning to be successful is an ongoing process. With his coaching I have become a positive thinker, a better husband, a more focused worker, and most importantly I know that whatever I expect from life I will achieve. Because of Nader I now expect and deserve abundance in life in all aspects of my life. I will never be able to thanks you enough.

Lee Januszkiewicz - Callahan Florida
Jeannie Barnes I have been a student of Nader Ashchi in personal development for a little over a year now. During that year for the first time in my life I have been able to realize my purpose in life. Through Nader's excellent teaching skills and talent as an instructor in personal development, I have learned the importance of setting goals and making study and work on personal development a permanent life style change. Nader Ashchi has a personality that you can relate to. He is one of the kindest and and truly sincere individual I have ever has the opportunity to know. I am very proud to be one of his students in my new life long journey in personal development. I would like to Thank Nader for sharing his life's experience with us in such a way that we are inspired and learn to stretch and improve ourselves.

Jeannie Barnes - Florida    
Clayton Johnson  Nader is a real go giver who has dedicated his life to coaching and inspiring other people to get what they want in life.  He walks the talk of what he teaches! His love for people is evident in everything that he does to inspire them to fulfill their dreams and goals in life.  It is truly a joy to work with him and to be in his presence!  I look forward to climbing the upward spiral of success with him as my coach and mentor for many years to come as we both pursue our passion of helping others achieve their dreams and goals in life! 

Clayton Johnson - Master Mind Group – Born Rich
Kauser Ali I met Nader on Facebook and I decided to jump on to one of the Master Mind Calls; I had never attended one before. It was a Master Mind series for You were Born Rich. I love being on these calls every week. It gives me a better perception of what I've read and the way Nader puts it, it's just fabulous :) I am honored to be his friend and would like to thank him for believing in me and my capabilities.

Kauser Ali - Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. 20 year old Business owner for YOUnique, an online gold shop:

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