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The Always Rich Mindset Optimization- 12 Step Program 
Thinking Into Results This extraordinary program is going to show you Why you’re getting the results you’re getting and How to get the results you really want. It is presented in twelve logical, simple and practical lessons, to insure that the methods and success mindset become a part of each individual's thinking, actions and results and translate into an exceptional return on investment for your organization.

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Always Rich, The Secrets of Eternal Wealth   Always Rich, Ambassador Program  
Always Rich
The Secrets to Eternal Wealth By Nader Ashchi
  Always Rich, Ambassador Ribbion  
Always Rich Mindest
I can help you get everything you want out of life, using a systematic, fail-safe approach, which has been researched and proven for decades!     “An Always Rich Ambassador is someone determined to find their purpose, live their purpose and help others do the same!   Check Mark Would you like to earn in a month what you currently earn in a year?
Check Mark Would you like to live your life by “Design” instead of by accident?
Check Mark Would like to live a Happier and Healthier life?
click to purchase  click for more information Check Mark Would you like to enjoy better relationships?
Check Mark Have you set goals and not achieved them in the past?
Check Mark Would you like to build a successful business?
Check Mark Have you read books, listened to CDs and attended seminars with little change in your RESULTS?
90 Days to Record Sales 
Are you still putting prospects into your “sales funnel” and using outdated qualifying and closing techniques? If so, you’re stuck in Sales 101 and that’s not good enough anymore. Today’s winning salespeople are using two key methodologies to succeed where others with similar selling skills are failing. A new program called  Always Rich Sales Optimization” can teach you these new fundamentals of success.
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Winners Image   Born Rich   The Art of Thinking
The Winner's Image You Were Born Rich Learning System The Art of Thinking
The Winner's Image Program is a strong action-oriented program with powerful emphasis on accountability. Learn how to eliminate all competition from your life. Without THIS change, nothing else will change in your life! The Winner's Image teaches you that you can shift and choose more beneficial power in your life by shifting how you perceive yourself first.

What You Will Learn:
   Science and psychology have isolated the one prime cause of the results you get in your life: the hidden image you hold of yourself. This hidden image controls what you believe is possible for you earn, to achieve and to deserve. It's like the thermostat on your heating system. If you have the temperature set for 72 degrees and the room temperature rises to 73, the thermostat shuts the heat off. In the same way, when you reach or exceed the level of performance or income that your self-image is set at, it will find ways to shut you down, turn you off and sabotage all your efforts to do better.

   Your self-image is the major block between you and your infinite potential, and in this program you will learn how to change it.

How to eliminate all competition from your life by moving from the competitive to the creative plane
The one common error that keeps people from succeeding - and how you can avoid making it
The best ways to connect with your "hidden self" and allow it to guide you to success
The three stages of creating your winner's image - and how to move quickly through them
How to develop a self-image that works for you
The Daily 5-Point Program for materializing your Winner's Image
In addition to the complete program on audio CDs narrated by Bob Proctor, this program also includes a special video filmed in the Toronto Science Center that dramatically illustrates the power of perception and belief in shaping our lives!
The complete Winner's Image Learning Program including
4 Coaching Session by Nader
$997.00 USD Plus Shipping
Unlock the hidden and rich potential that allows you to achieve every financial, emotional, physical, and spiritual dream you've imagined for yourself. The You Were Born Rich Learning System is the result of over 27 years of intensive research into why we behave the way we do and why we don't do many of the things we want to do. For years Bob Proctor has studied the workings of the human mind and researched all the information he could find on the laws governing success and human potential.  
   This program is the most complete
exposition of his findings in the Proctor library. This is your opportunity to put yourself in the audience as Bob Proctor and John Kanary lead you through this 2-day workshop. You'll meet people in the audience whose lives have been changed and hear their amazing stories. Some of these stories include:

The real estate agent who went from failing to ranking in the Top Ten (See the smile on his wife's face)
The man who manifested the car of his dreams
The insurance company manager who took a branch office in a tiny Midwestern town to #1 in a company of 500 offices, beating New York, Chicago and Los Angeles
The couple who had always thought that owning a house was an impossible dream, and how they changed that in only a few month
Here's just some of what you will learn
in this life-changing program:
How to successfully balance the spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and physical parts of your being
How to successfully balance the spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and physical parts of your being
Why you are getting the results you are, and how to change any result in your life
The Formula for Financial Freedom
How to use the Natural Laws of the Universe to your maximum benefit
How to use the Law of Attraction to make succeeding easy
How to use the Law of Attraction to make succeeding easy
How to use the Vacuum Law to get what you want
A simple method for living a relaxed and balanced life
What you will receive:
A complete 11 1/2 hour workshop on 6 DVDs
The complete program on 16 audio CDs
A soft cover version of the international best-selling
book You Were Born Rich
Your personal Born Rich Action Planner
A Goal card
The complete You Were Born Rich Learning Program including
6 Coaching Session by Nader
$1,595.00 USD Plus Shipping
The Art of Thinking is the Culmination of 40 years of experience and insight distilled into timeless jewels of wisdom and easy-to-apply techniques that can help you BE more, DO more and HAVE more. Thinking is an art that can be learned and although there are no shortcuts to success, quantum leaps can be experienced and enjoyed through the transference of information and experience. Master Life Success coach Bob Proctor and protégé Paul Martinelli have shared the stage on many occasions, now they share an informative and candid conversation on the success principles you can use right now to catapult into the life you've always imagined.

In this program you will learn:
How to alter negative conditioning and eliminate the obstacles blocking the path to your dreams and goals
Why it's important to live on the edge and go beyond your comfort zone
Three simple and easy rules to instantly improve your results
How to use the six powerful mental faculties you were never taught about in school
The rest of the secret...the other laws that work hand in hand with the law of attraction
and much, much more
The complete Art of Thinking  Learning Program including
4 Coaching Session by Nader
$997.00 USD Plus Shipping
Endless Referrals
Endless Referrals
Put this system to work in your business and NEVER run out of quality sales prospects again - regardless of the economic conditions. This fun, principle-based and easy-to-apply system has been proven to quickly and dramatically increase sales in any type of business.
Quickly cultivate new prospects — whether or not you have ANY existing contacts
Dramatically increase your business without spending more time or money
Establish relationships so referrals come EASILY when requested
Eliminate the “Gatekeeper Wall” (Not “get past it” – eliminate it)
Learn the value of social media as a truly effective, profitable, business-building tool
And Much, Much More
  System Plus Nader’s Coaching $977 Plus S&H
For maximum & quickest results, get coached by Nader
The goal Achiever   Mission in Commission   Success Puzzle
The Goal Achiever Your Mission in Commission The Success Puzzle
 There's a big difference between goal setting and goal achieving, and Bob Proctor bridges that gap in this powerful program. Learn how to set and achieve any goal you truly desire. When you finish this life changing program, you will have a thorough understanding of how each element of your being works to bring about the results you are getting in your life. You will have become a Goal Achiever. If you're truly ready to stop wishing and start living the life you believe you deserve, it's time for Bob Proctor's The Goal Achiever Success System. With this 8-part audio program, Goal Card and workbook, you will be able to set and achieve ANY goal you choose.

You'll learn to:
Use a systematic approach to decide what you really
      want, and choose your goal accordingly.
Investigate and eradicate the life-long conditioning that
      holds you back from achieving your goals.
Recognize the goals you really don't want, and handily
      remove them from your focus.
Apply each of the Laws of the Universe for consistent
     and increasing success.
Develop and utilize the attitude and energy that attracts
      the support and assistance you need to achieve your
Prioritize your goal list, whether it includes 5 goals or
Decide what your #1 goal is

     In addition, you'll learn the seven secrets behind every great Goal Achiever and understand - for the first time ever - the timeline behind goals. With 30-year success story Bob Proctor walking you through each and every concept, you will know exactly what to do to transform your life into anything you choose. Don't put it off any longer! The Goal Achiever Success System includes 8 audio CD lessons, Goal Card and your personal Goal Achiever Action Planner.
As you get involved in this program, you will find yourself finally and forever stepping across the line that separates so many struggling salespeople from those who win big - month after month and year after year. You will learn the six basic concepts you MUST understand before you will ever earn large commissions, and the one fundamental step you must develop to earn $100,000+ while still enjoying your work. Then, you will begin doing it! Bob Proctor used the principles contained in this system to raise himself from a modest salaried position to $1,000,000+ annual commissions. Using Your Mission In Commission system, Bob has taught thousands of salespeople around the globe to do the same. As a commissioned salesperson, you have the opportunity to earn the exact amount of money you need , to provide the things you want, to live the way you choose, regardless of how high that amount is. You'll not find the usual sales training here. We know that you already know how to sell. This program is about YOU and how you think. It's not about working harder or longer, it's about making those vitally important inner changes that separate the successful from the rest of the pack. You must become a top producer in your own mind before you can be one in fact. In this powerful program, Bob Proctor will show you the exact system for earning 6 or 7-figure incomes every year - and how to have fun doing it.

You'll learn:

6 concepts you MUST understand before you will ever earn
      large commissions.
How to let go of the past and start with a clean slate that
      allows you to choose EXACTLY how much you will earn.
The one thing you MUST develop if you want to earn
      $100,000+ income while still enjoying your work.
How to develop a "Magnificent Obsession" that makes your
      work fun and your commissions soar.
The only 3 factors that determine how much money you
      earn, and why fewer than 1% of salespeople ever
      benefit from  them.
The PROVEN plan for earning six-figure commissions each
      and  every year.

 Sometimes, putting your life together is like trying to put a puzzle together without the cover picture on the puzzle box. How are you supposed to know how to build without a guide to help you? In The Success Puzzle, Bob Proctor provides that step-by-step guide so that you can create the masterpiece of your life. Stop for a minute and ask yourself this: Are you really building the picture you've always wanted for your life?
     If you're not building the picture you want, you're working on the wrong puzzle... and this is where Bob Proctor begins in this program, The Success Puzzle. This easy-to-follow audio program (with workbook) helps you first decide on what it is you want your life to look like. Then, through a fun goal-setting exercise, Bob Proctor helps you prioritize the primary action steps you'll be taking to build this life of your dreams (the frame of the puzzle, so to speak).

Once the framework is in place, you'll learn:
Where your habits came from and how to change
How to work with the laws of the Universe to achieve
      your goals in the easiest way possible.
How to draw upon the infinite supply.
How to eliminate all obstacles blocking your path.
      A four-step process to make effective decisions!
     (This is not in any other Proctor program).
How to work on the various sections of your life in
      orderly yet fast-paced motion.
The importance of commitment to success.
A better way to deal with restraints, delays and
      negative consciousness that seek to slow you
      masterpiece-building pace.
How to build in greater color, enthusiasm and passion
      in all facets of your life.

    As you build this primary puzzle, you'll assimilate the simple lessons and steps it takes to build on new projects and ambitions throughout your life. You'll solve the Success Puzzle for your initial masterpiece, and for every masterpiece project and direction you take from then on.
The complete The Goal Achiever Learning Program including
4 Coaching Session by Nader
$997.00 USD
Plus Shipping
The complete Your Mission in Commission Learning Program including 4 Coaching Session by Nader
$997.00 USD Plus Shipping
The complete The Success Puzzle Learning Program including
4 Coaching Session by Nader
$997.00 USD
Plus Shipping
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