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Seminars and Customized CoachingLife Success
"From the stage, I'll see it. Individuals from all walks of life, any career, and any income level will suddenly get it. It's as if a light has suddenly gone on. And in a single instant, their eyes tell me... they know that they know. "Even after 40 years, that instant is absolutely exhilarating for me. In that instant, someone's life has changed."
                                                                                                                               Bob Proctor  

As Certified Life Success Consultants, we can offer a number of programs in half-day, full day and customized formats for large or small groups, in-house corporate trainings, executive and personal retreats, enormous conference halls, stadium keynotes and more. Each of these programs is also expanded upon for our coaching program formats as well. Please peruse our best-selling programs from the menu find a fit that best suits you, and feel free to contact me for a no-obligation meeting.


Find how to give that glorious mind of yours the life-changing invitation it deserves.


Nader Ashchi
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Group and Team Coaching
"Experience has taught me that there are no short cuts to success. Yet, there are ways to create the illusion of a short cut - tools and resources that can help accelerate your growth, so that you achieve your goals and realize your dreams in far less time than you could have on your own. I think one of the single most effective success-accelerators is coaching. A coach or mentor helps breathe life into your intentions, transforming them into concrete goals and then providing you with the information and motivation you need to turn those goals into reality. This is as equally effective with individuals as it is with a multi-pronged coaching program across several departments in satellite offices of a Fortune 500 company. When the intention is there, magnificent change is in store." Bob Proctor

Life Success Consultants offer flexible coaching programs, whether for small groups, departmental (i.e., your sales staff, your executive board), and even large-group coaching tailored to your specific needs. Whatever your preference, each coaching scenario is carefully mapped out in its curriculum content and progress plan for maximum effectiveness in:
  • Building personal leadership skills;
  • Increasing sales and profitability - exponentially;
  • Improving morale and employee relations;
  • Developing open lines of communication;
  • Designing dynamic mastermind teams;
  • Implementing effective systems;
  • Setting - and achieving - strategically defined goals.
Please peruse our best-selling programs from the menu and find a fit that best suits you, and feel free to contact me for a
      no-obligation meeting.
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Individual Coaching

"The power of personal coaching lies in the fact that it provides an individual with the most critical ingredient for extraordinary, consistent success: ongoing support, detailed action plans, constructive feedback and, most importantly, personal accountability. When a person knows that he or she will be regularly reporting on daily and weekly actions to a coach - someone who is going to give them unbiased and constructive criticism and unwavering encouragement all the way to the finish line - that person's commitment, enthusiasm and belief in the goal increases exponentially. "In essence, a coach is the catalyst that helps an individual to unstoppable personal achievement. In my opinion, there is no greater reward!" - Bob Proctor

From where you're standing right now, the future might look to be an unknown. It can be difficult to take that first step forward when you're not quite sure where you're going to end up. But the way we see it - if you continue to go along as you've been doing, your future will STILL be an unknown... it just won't be working as diligently in your favor!

Give your unique, brilliant potential the boost it deserves. Our customized coaching programs allow you and I to work one-on-one through any number of the specific programs you can see on this site... and even more that you can't.

There's nothing more exciting than to see individuals from all walks of life create phenomenal shifts in their thinking and results. More times than not, the person at the end of the program is hardly recognizable to the person who entered the program.

It's an overwhelming testament to the awesome power and potential that rests in the human soul ... your human soul.

Don't hesitate another minute. Contact me and begin experiencing success in your life. It's your turn.

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