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Andrew Carnegie About a century ago, Andrew Carnegie, the richest man in the world, commissioned Napoleon Hill and introduced him to five hundred of the greatest men of the time to determine the secrets of their exceptional achievements. After twenty years of work, Hill succeeded beyond all expectations. He determined the core tenant that allowed these men to accomplish greatness, and he also determined the methodology that would allow any human to approach equivalent success. He discovered that, simply put, thoughts create results (TCR). Napoleon Hill
Since the publication of his book, Think and Grow Rich, many others have carried Hill’s banner, and a great industry has developed that we loosely refer to as the personal development (PD) culture. If we look at this industry as a tree, TCR is the trunk, and the many branches represent the many methodologies for directing thoughts to create specific outcomes.
Today, personal development is a huge field, but it is not as pervasive as one would think given the enormous power and potential of the methodology. In many places, the practice is derided as nothing but wishful thinking, and in others, it remains an unknown concept. Personal development is generally classified as a “self-help” methodology and is commercially most prominent in bookstores, independent workshops, and private success coaching. While it has been embraced corporately in several instances, for the most part, it remains in the domain of individual initiative.
I, through this book, am committed to the ultimate goal of transforming lives on a massive scale. This will be accomplished by vigorously pursuing the following goals:
Express the core concepts of TCR in a manner that is engaging, elegant, and imminently understandable by the general population.
Provide access to the TCR and associated personal development concepts in a manner that is convenient and affordable.
Achieve widespread presence and subsequently raise the collective awareness and understanding of the personal development methodology.
I have chosen this section to share these core principles of success with you. These are ideas that need to be studied, understood, applied, and followed through with action. In this section, there are six main principles that I wish for you to understand well in order to get the most out of this book. Here is my simple promise to you. If you put in just the smallest effort, you will begin to achieve the life of your dreams. Let me repeat that: if you put in just the smallest effort, you will begin to achieve the life of your dreams. I know that many other books and programs make a similar promise, and you know what? In some cases, that is true. But this book has a special format that is different from all the others, and it’s why I can guarantee this claim where others can’t. Here’s why. Personal development is like exercise—everyone knows it’s good for you. But very few take the simple steps necessary to create lifelong habits to receive the beneficial effects. Why is that? It’s not that exercise requires too much work. And it’s not that you have to feel bad before you can feel good. No, in most cases, people fail at exercise for two reasons: First, they do not create the mindset to pursue this beneficial activity, but most importantly, there is not a convenient way for exercise to accommodate the many other demands on one’s life. That is often the case with personal development materials too. But I can help you make it past both of these success killers. I guarantee that you will have a new perspective and mindset that will begin to change your life forever.
     Upon completion and understanding of the core principles and the rest of this book, you will likely begin to have a craving for knowing how to apply these concepts to various areas of your life such as health, wealth, happiness, success, spirituality, and so forth. The possibilities are endless.  Soon, these core concepts and much more will become available through a specially created Web site called Success on the Go, which has video modules many of which are free of charge and will revolutionize the way personal development is to be delivered.
     Here is how the Success on the Go programs work. They have a series of core video modules that clearly explain the fundamentals of personal development, including the six core principles discussed in this section of Always Rich. All the best personal development programs out there are based on this core content. And they offer this content free. They don’t collect a credit card number or ask for any other type of upfront payment. Free means free. Just pick a topic and watch an amazing video that tells you how to apply the core principles to your specific area of interest.

Click below on the picture for details on the six core principles: The Success Cycle, Mr. Success, The Juicer, The Gold Machine, The Seven Laws of the Universe, The Seven Levels of Awareness.
The Success Cycle  Meet Mr. Success The Juicer  The Gold Machine

The Gold Machine
Seven Laws of the Universe seven Levels of Awareness 
Please be sure to study these six core principles well till you have a clear understanding of them. Should you be having challenges with this part, please contact me for help in understanding these critical principles. There are many tools available on my Web site, many of which are completely free.

Please know that I am not capable of changing you. As a matter of fact, I have my hands full trying to constantly change myself. So the important question you should ask yourself is “Are you willing to do what you need to do to change the results in your own life?”
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