Always Rich Book

Some people always like to boost their income without working any harder.  Some of them would like to live their life by “design” instead of by accident.  There are also others who would like to live a happier and healthier life, enjoy better relationships, build successful business and so much more desires or dreams.  But how many of them achieve these ambitions, or how do they set their goals to achieve them?

A success story supported with tools, techniques, or simple steps on how to create an abundant life will surely motivate readers as author Nader Ashchi presents Always Rich: The Secrets of Eternal Wealth, an inspirational book that will help anyone achieve all the abovementioned goals and many more objectives.

Designed as a reference book, Always Rich: The Secrets of Eternal Wealth will help anyone stay focused on their “prize” and avoid costly mistakes.  As a personal success story, the author shares how he obeyed the laws and won, as well as the laws he disobeyed and lost.  Throughout this book, Ashchi counsels the readers in many of the techniques that are used to make large amounts of money fast as he illustrates these techniques with many examples from his personal and others’ experiences.  But overall, this book is not about money.  It is about life and its purpose.

The first nine chapters of this book share the nine steps to creating abundance in all areas of anyone’s life, including but not limited to health, wealth, spirituality, family, and relations.  The tenth chapter involves what the author and other experts have found to be the secret to making all those steps work.  However, the largest part of this book gives readers a glimpse of the author’s journey through the realm of personal development and the people who have enriched his life along this path.

“This information will change your life.  It changes your image of yourself.  It helps you understand who you are.  It helps you improve every aspect of your life.  It changes your communications with other people.  It changes the way you approach situations.  It will change your attitude toward money, and you will find that your income starts to improve,” the author stressed.

As readers leaf through the pages of this motivating book, they will find understanding that the word “rich” is not necessarily referring to material riches only.  It refers to spiritual, health, emotional, relations, financial riches, and in all aspects of their life.

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Always Rich, The Secrets of Eternal Wealth, Nader Ashchi