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Nader Ashchi – Author, Speaker, Business Empowerment Coach
Nader Ashchi and Terri Lynn Ashchi
Author – Always Rich – The Secrets of Eternal Wealth
President – Success By Design
President – AKA Investments Group
Consultant & Business Partner of Bob Proctor – LifeSuccess Consultants
Consultant & Business Partner of Bob Burg – Burg International
Co-founder – The Alaré Group
Always Rich
For nearly three decades Mr. Ashchi’s passion has been in self-development and he has assisted thousands of people worldwide in discovering a richer life - not just financially - but emotionally, spiritually, socially, physically and in their personal and professional relationships. Since receiving his Engineering degree, Nader has spent over 25 years in management and business ownership while simultaneously being a student of understanding the power and potential of the human mind. Upon deepening his own mind, heart and soul with material provided by Bob Proctor, Bob Burg, Paul Martinelli and Zig Ziglar, just to name a few of his mentors, he became both a LifeSuccess and a Burg International Licensed Consultant and began transforming the lives of many with his unique and powerful Mastermind Programs, Seminars, Workshops and his signature Business Consulting.

   Additionally, Nader has been a Real Estate developer for a decade, and at his peak he owned close to six hundred Rental properties. Nader is also an author and is currently a sought-after success coach, speaker and licensed trainer, always exemplifying: ‘Find a Way to Make It Happen’ 

“Imagine living in the back seat of an old beat up Ford for a year and within 6 years being chauffeured in the back of your own Rolls Royce, that’s Nader’s true story.  Early in his life he discovered the knack of making money – and he made a lot.  He became wealthy and then lost it all three times before he realized that there is more to success in life than just knowing how to make money.  If you don’t have the full range of life skills you will quickly lose it all or waste it all, either of which leaves you a pauper in one way or the other.  His book Always Rich describes his journey to true richness.  He’ll tell you how to easily make money and he’ll tell you how to find your path to enjoy life whatever your circumstances.  You will learn how to rebound and be reborn in the broadest sense of the word.  You’ll even learn how to be rich and still be happy.
   Throughout his book Always Rich Nader will counsel you in many of the techniques which are used to make large amounts of money fast.  And, he will illustrate these techniques with many examples from his personal experience, as well as experiences of others shared with him.  This experience ranged from owning restaurants to starting and running corporations to buying lots of real estate.  You will see how Nader succeeded, how he set the stage for his own failures, and how he rebounded each time.  You will also see how you can profit from Nader’s experience and learn the secrets to success as well as avoiding the pot-holes of failure.

    But overall, Nader’s teachings aren’t about money, they are about life and its purpose.  Nader has discovered that he is Always Rich regardless of his circumstances and he will show you how to achieve this wonderful state for yourself.  The bulk of Nader’s teachings are dedicated to the incredible journey he has had through the realm of personal development and the people who have enriched his life along this path.  Nader says, “I was a slow learner but once I got it my life became irreversibly successful.  So will yours.”
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