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The Always Rich Mnideset Optimization-12 Step Program
Bob Proctor & Nader Ashchi 
This extraordinary program is going to show you Why you’re getting the results you’re getting and How to get the results you really want. It is presented in twelve logical, simple and practical lessons, to ensure that the methods and success mindset become a part of each individual's thinking, actions and results, and translate into an exceptional return on investment for your organization.
  The results of this program are immediate: Sanjiv Goyal
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You will enjoy Higher Profits & Revenues
You will realize a new office attitude
Motivation of the team will noticeably rise
You will reduced employee turnover
You will learn to teach your people how to Think Into Results
You will learn to lead, inspire and empower your own team
You will enjoy more rewarding client relationships
You will learn the 9 secrets to creating abundance in all areas of your life
You will be finding new opportunities in a weak economy
You will learn how to unleash the biggest resource your company has; your people!
You will see how to step out and do the things you’ve always wanted to do
You will learn the essential tools to overcome obstacles and the mindset to achieve every goal
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Yours FREE with this program:
Thinking Into Results The Thinking Into Results DVDs, Personal Action Planner, podcasts, online results tracking, Goal Card and more are incorporated into this powerful, in-house teaching program. You will also receive an autographed copy of Always Rich, where Nader counsels you in many of the techniques which are used to live a rewarding life fast, through illustrating these techniques with many examples from his personal experience and experiences of others… he will explain the Universal Laws that govern the RESULTS in our lives.  You will see how he succeeded, how he set the stage for his failures, and how he rebounded each time.  You will also see how you can profit from this experience. Always Rich
Your team will learn 12 lessons:
1. A Worthy Ideal - How to set the right goals, then work as a team effectively to attain these goals.
2. The Knowing - Doing Gap  How to become more effective by understanding why they have not been applying the things they already know.
3. Your Infinite Mind - How to identify and transform limiting habits and raise the performance bar through new levels of awareness.
4. The Secret Genie - How to empower the team in understanding the habits, not in changing behavior, which will result in permanent change.
5. Thinking into Results - How to effectively use your 6 mental faculties: Will, Intuition, Perception, Imagination, Memory and Reason to get the results desired.
6. Environment is But Our Looking Glass - Improve performance by recognizing and developing their own true potential.
7. Trample the Terror Barrier - How to overcome Fear that keeps us from succeeding, in order to achieve corporate objectives.
8. The Power of Praxis - How to empower your employees and teams to achieve the corporate vision and goals through developing their belief levels.
9. The Magic Word - How to create a winning ATTITUDE!
10. The Most Valuable Person - The secret to leading people is to generate an atmosphere in which others feel at ease and appreciated.
11. Leaving Everyone with the Impression of Increase - “Givers Gain”
12. Magnifying the Mind - Uses the power of mastermind to dramatically achieve higher performance levels without time consuming struggles.
We believe that everyone has the power to change; become more productive, creative at work, and live happier, more fulfilled lives at home. They just have to learn how to apply the power of their minds ... this is what LifeSuccess Corporate is all about.
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My experience in the business world has shown me that all businesses face the same challenges and obstacles at some point. I’m sure you know what they are; some barely surviving, slumping sales, poor morale, cash flow difficulties and of course, there’s never enough profit, right?
The Always Rich Mindset Optimization is a breakthrough approach to overcome them all by teaching your people how to Think Into Results. The Always Rich Mindset Optimization program provides the specific tools and step-by-step strategies needed to replace fear of the unknown with a success mindset and action-steps for finding opportunities in the changing economy.
World renowned Bob Proctor, a master of thought from the hit movie The Secret, who is a high school dropout, became one of the largest success stories of our modern days, and has assembled his ultimate program, Thinking Into Results to create any result desired by any corporation or individual.
As Bob’s business partner; Author of the book Always Rich, Nader Ashchi leads you through this one of a kind professional development program unlike anyone else. Executive officers of large and small companies will testify that this concept literally changed the direction of their company. It made a bigger difference in the bottom line of their financial statement than any other one idea entertained before.
“This is the best investment you’ll ever make in yourself. Even if you have to borrow the money, it will be the last time you ever borrow such a small amount from anyone. In this 12 Step Program, you’re going to see your life change. By the end, you will need a telescope to see how far you have come. You can do it from your home, from your office, or from anywhere you have Internet access, but DO IT NOW!
Have you ever wondered why there is a small select group of people that really hit the big goals, and most never do? The truth is, most people don’t even have goals, because they do not know how to set them, much less achieve them.
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Please complete the form below and request some time with me so I can tell you how this program gets tremendous results and will give you a return on your dollar for not only the program, but for investments you’ve already made in your Company! This consultation is free of charge!
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